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Island Music Dallas

Dallas' Original Caribbean Party Band

REAL STEEL DRUMS: Authentic tropical instruments make your party sizzle. In times when stress levels are high and you dream of a vacation in Acapulco, Aruba or Antigua. You can get an instant getaway…hire a Caribbean party band.

DR. KEYS WEST: You can hire the kaleidoscopic fingers of Dr. Keys West for that Bermuda vibe whether its just Dr. Keys by himself or one of his bands. If it’s an intimate occasion, you can trust Dr. Keys, as a solo pianist and singer, to have all of the songs up his sleeve. And, if you want to rock the house, he’ll bring anything you want from a big band to a rock ‘n roll quartet. When you hire a top-notch duo, a classy jazz trio or a beach party band, live music always makes the atmosphere of your dreams. When Dr. Keys sets up, it’s an instant exclusive sunset club.

Call us!   214-850-0916

MUSICAL CARIBBEAN CRUISE: Of course, tropical music is the ultimate. There’s something about that island music which brings out the kick-back attitude. Slip into your boat shoes and feel your Latin lover. If there’s tropical music in the air, there’s laughter, sass and fun. Some have a hard time throwing their cares away but, embark on a musical Caribbean cruise and the rhythm of a Jamaican Steel Drum can get hips swaying and dancers playing.

PRIVATE BEACH: Stretch out and smell the salt air. Call forth the Calypso, get a little Reggae or buy a bit of Buffet. When you have to evoke that Margaritaville vibe, it’s right here in Dallas. Just call Dr. Keys West. He’ll put together the best musicians and transport you and your friends to your own private beach in the Bahamas.

TROPICAL BEAT: Stretch out and move to the Steel Drum sizzle of a Trinidad carnival. Kick back on the Havana hammock under the palms with the sound of ice cubes in your cocktail. Build a sandcastle in the sand with your Sweetie. You don’t need a plane ticket to the tropics, it’s all around you when immersed in that Barbados beat. Live music holds the feeling all night long.

TIGHT & TAUT: Professionalism makes the difference. There’s nothing like years of experience and earning a doctorate from the best music school. Music is Dr. Keys’ entire life; he’s a teacher, a singer, a composer/song-writer and a performer. He’s been a professor at three music colleges and, now, he’s back home in Dallas. Dr. Keys’ combo can dish out mojito music and his track record guarantees that it’s tight and taut.

RELIABILITY: You can depend on Dr. Keys. With years of events and gigs under his belt nationally, he’ll be there on time with state-of-the-art gear. His music instantly sets your stage as guests walk into the room leaving their cares behind.

ENTERTAINER: Hear his ‘chops’ on the demo clips. And, live, Dr. Keys West is a showman who holds the entertainment to the theme of the event from tender to smokin’. You can also ask him to be your Master of Ceremonies. Just give him a call and help him customize the live music sets you want for your guests.

You’ll be the captain of your own pleasure island.

What we play

Check us out. We specialize in "amping up" all the parties where we perform.

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